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Web Design by Dynamis

Our focus, experience and efficiency allows us to achieve the most functional, accessible and attractive site possible within your budget.

To view a quick portfolio of our webdesign work, click here.

Three critical elements should be considered when planning an effective web site:

  • Functionality: will the site fulfill its intended purpose? Whether your site is intended to be a marketing site, a customer support site, an e-commerce site, some combination of the above, or a comprehensive customer interaction front such as AMAZON.COM, customers should quickly learn to trust your site to be accurate, timely, and reliable. These qualities can be accomplished or greatly enhanced by the use of dynamic content, often driven by scripting and automated information delivery processes.
    We have the planning and technical programming skills required to create sites which achieve this element of functionality.
  • Accessibility: can visitors quickly and intuitively find what they came looking for? Your site has only a brief moment (including load time) to convince a visitor that they will be able to quickly locate their targeted product, information, or interaction. If it fails, they will move on to another site. If it succeeds, your site then has a slightly extended amount of time to help that user find their target item or a reasonable substitution. Otherwise, the visitor is likely to reverse their decision and look elsewhere.
    Having served the computer industry for over 15 years, we have the user behavior knowlege base and organizational skills required to create a truly accessible site.
  • Attractiveness: Over the past few years, the publicity surrounding the success of certain websites as virtual storefronts and/or interaction centers has substantially increased the implications of any web site's appearance. Unless a site user has visited your physical office, they are likely to judge the integrity and reliability of your company or organization based on the appearance of your web site. If your site looks like it was put together in a few days, visitors will be concerned that your site - and your company - could dissappear just as quickly as it seems to have appeared.
    We have the skills required to partner efficiently and effectively with talented and creative graphic artists, photographers, and writers, and to direct and combine their work into the most attractive site possible within your budget.

ADDITIONAL PORTFOLIO SAMPLES - This marketing-purposes-only site provides an attractive web presence patterned after the existing corporate image, integrating that image into the attractive, consistent, intuitive interface. A painless marketing survey is integrated into the web-based information request form, which emails requests to the appropriate individual or department in the organization. The depth and breadth of this dual-location Houston private school's success in the education of its students warranted a site which could quickly but effectively communicate the school's philosophy, methods, and results - without tossing too serious a shadow over the positive and attractive atmosphere which is such an integral part of that success. The resulting site is colorful and pleasant; cute and serious; simple to navigate and bursting with information. - What can we do in just under an hour? With a customer provided logo and text, we can create an attractive preliminary web presence for about $75. You might think of it as the attractive alternative to the all-too-common "under construction" sign syndrome. - This site.


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