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No need to pack up that broken Server or PC - we'll fix it right where it is. Disconnecting a networked PC from your network and carrying it in for service runs the risk of losing a major portion of the symptom you want diagnosed.

If your PC takes 5 minutes to diagnose and fix, you'll pay only for that five minutes (plus travel time). If your PC is able to access the internet, we can likely diagnose the problem by remote using our remote support tool. Compared to the cost of your time to pack it up and take it in, wait for it to be repaired, take it back to your office, and set it up again, you're likely to realize some serious time savings by letting us come to you instead.

We've repaired Servers and PC's at client sites since 1990. All our replacement parts carry a 1-year parts and labor warranty. (Many of our parts also carry a longer (2 years to life) mail-in replacement warranty).

FEES: Repair services are performed at your site at a rate of $120 per hour. Travel time is charged at $60 per hour. Both types of charges are calculated to the minute to ensure a fair charge.



1920 N Braeswood | Houston, TX 77030 | (713) 721-3126 | Fax (713) 589-5873 | Send an Email



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