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JD Story, CEO, Jetfill:

Dynamis has provided our company leading edge Information Technology systems and service without having to keep a full time MIS person on staff. They have trained several of our employees on basic software and hardware maintenance so everyday problems can be dealt with immediately. If we have a large problem, we bring in Dynamis and we know we have a leading edge company who knows what's going on in todays fast paced and rapidly changing computer age. With around 150 other employees to worry about it's nice to know we have a capable company to rely on maintain and keep our IT systems up to date. Dynamis has provided responsive, reliable, service and products at a reasonable price. We continue to be satisfied with their performance and can whole heartily recommend them to others.

Jannis Lowery, Manager, Dairy Ashford Branch, Community State Bank:

We have been very pleased with all of the help which you have provided to Community State Bank in setting up our E-mail. You have been very patient with those of us who are severely lacking in our computer skills. (You are lucky to get this E-mail from me)!!!!! I am very glad that Trey put you in touch with us so that we now have this service. Everyone uses it now ... all day long.

Mark Kennedy, President, Benefit Concepts:

I've been very impressed with many things about this company: their responsiveness, their creative and affordable solutions to our particular needs, their ability to accurately estimate and complete jobs within the quoted price, the swiss-watch-reliability of the server they built and installed for us 3 years ago, and the performance and reliability of the other equipment and software we've purchased from them since then.

The difference between the last network services company we used, and Dynamis, has been like night and day. If you have any repair, replacement, upgrade or configuration needs involving your server, PC's, network, or internet access, I recommend giving Dynamis a call.

James L Buchwalter, President, Gemini Solutions Inc.

Thanks Tom
Appreciate the quick response.
The new web site design has worked great - the ability to upload of files and new folders has greatly facilitated our ability to serve our users.

James L Buchwalter, P.E.
President, Gemini Solutions Inc.

Shae Cottar, Pastor, The Vineyard Church of Houston:

Dynamis has been an indescribable blessing to our church. We have dealt with many MIS professionals before and have never been as pleased with the quality of service and equipment as we have been since working with Dynamis. They are an honest, knowledgeable, and hardworking company.

They have a wonderful response time to critical issues and are very understanding when it comes to our work schedule. Their dedication to our success makes it easy for us to be willing to in turn give them the freedom they need to provide the same level of service to their other customers.

The consultant assigned to us, Tom Heard, has an honest, hardworking work ethic that gains trust very quickly. He is extremely knowledgeable on the latest technology solutions.

I have no doubt that Dynamis could provide, for anyone, an array of solutions in a responsible, cost-effective, and reliable way. I would highly recommend them to any business.

Gary Sloan, MIS Director, Hahn and Clay:

Because I have prior experience in the PC integration field, I'm knowlegable - and pretty picky - about the quality of the components and construction of the systems I purchase for my users. After all, if a system goes down here, I'm the first one to hear about it, so its important to me that a system be built right the first time and thoroughly tested - before it ends up on my user's desk.

Most companies advertise a service call within 24 hours; that's a long time to be down for most of my users. I'd rather get a quality system the first time and avoid any service calls, no matter how expedient they might be. With Dynamis, I get some of the best quality PC's in the industry, hand-assembled and thoroughly tested before they come through my door.

The few times my systems have needed repairs under warranty, I've found Dynamis' service to be responsive, rapid and courteous.

Then there's the issue of upgradeability and the ability to make repairs in-house, using standard components, after the warranty period. Every system I get from Dynamis uses 100% industry-standard parts, so even though I prefer to purchase all my hardware from one source, it's nice to know I'm not stuck with any one vendors proprietary parts - or their proprietary prices, either.

Recently, we purchased a new high-end dual-processor server for our new accounting system. To ensure maximum uptime, it needed to have dual redundant power supplies. I hoped to purchase it from Dynamis, so as to continue to purchase all my systems from one source, but to be certain I was getting a competetive price, I comparison shopped a similar server at Dell. I was shocked to discover that a similarly equipped high-end server from Dell was around $14,000 - over twice the price of the server from Dynamis.

We bought the Dynamis server, of course, and it was everything it was promised to be, and then some; it arrived with hard drive bay coolers (from PC Power and Cooling, no less) in addition to the ample cooling already built in to the case, at no additional charge.

I'm very pleased with the quality of Dynamis' systems and service and recommend them without hesitation.

John Dalbosco, President, JV Investments:

Thinking that we wanted more flexibility and growth potential, we made a big mistake by leasing an online web server from a large local provider. It wasn’t long before we found out that not only could they care less about us, but also expected us to fix problems on the server that they created themselves, and at our cost!

Several of our Limited Partners have been using Dynamis’ consulting and web services over the past five years and have never experienced any sort of problems like those we have experienced in a mere five days with this other company.

Not only have we found Dynamis to be the most cost-effective approach for our business, but we have also experienced service that you can not find elsewhere.

Dynamis has our gratitude and loyalty from now on.

Dee Erickson, Episcopal Church of the Advent:

Dynamis onsite networking consultant Tom Heard has been our officical "computer guy" for six years. As our needs have grown from one IBM PC-XT and basically computer illiterate person to a server based network with 12 work stations all operating at a good level of competency, Tom has expertly guided us through every phase and transistion. His responsiveness to our needs and personal service can not be applauded enough.



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