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  Cloud services ... with a focus on personalized service.


"Dynamis cloud services combine the work-anywhere convenience and cost-efficiency of the cloud with the personalized service and robust security of an in-house network."


Our cloud services include the following:

  • Virtual server and workstation hosting - work from anywhere, using your familiar windows applications (even your custom windows applications), using almost any device, without the need to purchase or maintain your own server hardware. Our experience with private cloud hosting began with Citrix Winframe in 1997 and continues today with Microsoft Hyper-V. We'll move your entire network - apps, data, configuration - to your own private cloud over a weekend. Contact customer service for more information about Cloud Hosting Services.
  • Private Managed Colocation - your server, colocated with latency-optimized smart routing
  • Full Service Website and Email Hosting including Apache + Neowebscript + SSL Web Hosting, DNS, email accounts, FTP access, PHP and MySQL. 99.86% uptime guarantee. Online signup.
  • POP mail, Web Mail and Outlook Connector accessible email
  • Microsoft Exchange and Blackberry Enterprise Server hosting
Flexible hosting options: These are just a few samples of configurations and pricing available. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs.
Virtual Server Hosting$120.00/month
    ... includes 6GB RAM, 500GB storage, 4 virtual processors
Windows 2008 Server License$35.00/month
Virtual Workstation Hosting$44.00/month
    ... includes 1.5GB RAM, 70GB storage, 4 virtual processors, Windows 7 license
Starter Business Domain Hosting$20.00/month
    ... includes 100MB webspace, 2 email addresses, 20GB transfer
Small Business Domain Hosting$50.00/month
    ... includes 1000MB webspace, 5 email addresses, 40GB transfer
Standard Domain Hosting$95.00/month
    ... includes 4000MB webspace, 25 email addresses, 160GB transfer
Additional email addresses$5.00/each (monthly)
Extra Monthly Bandwidth (GB)$0.29/GB (monthly)
Custom DNS entries (dynamic or static)$9.00/each (monthly)
Enhanced Business Domain Hosting$230.00/month
    ... includes 8000MB webspace,
    75 email addresses, 300GB transfer, 9 custom DNS entries
Online Store
... including order management and reports
Contact customer service for more information about Cloud Hosting Services.
Online signup for internet, web & email hosting services.

Click here for internet support information,
including email setup and website update instructions.


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