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The Dynamis Backup Service - Overview:

The Dynamis Backup Service automatically backs up your Windows based Server or PC every night to a secure Dynamis Vault Server. The cost is $85/month plus a small monthly fee for disk storage space. All your server or PC needs is internet access.

Selection, compilation, compression, encryption, and transfer of the files to be backed up is performed using a program from McAfee Associates. One complete backup is performed initially, followed by updates of changed files each consecutive night.

Your Backups get very well backed up, too.

The backups stored in the Dynamis Vault Server are backed up to DAT tape on the following schedule:
  • 1 for each day of the week (recycled each week)
  • 1 for each week of the month (performed Thursday - recycled each month)
  • 3 each month (performed on the 1st day of the month, and permanently stored - one at our main office, and two at out of state rural-area offices)

Optional monthly CD archival / delivery service:

For an additional $93 per month plus $10 per CD used, we will archive the entire contents of your Dynamis Vault backup to CD and hand-deliver them to you on the 15th of each month.

Optional ready-to-use mirror configuration:

For a $236 initial setup fee plus the cost of the hardware involved, we will configure and maintain a system as a drop-in emergency replacement for your workstation or server. This system will reside at our facility and be updated on a daily basis with the most recent file versions from your Dynamis Vault backup. If your active system ever becomes disabled, we will deliver your drop-in emergency replacement system within 4 hours of your call, so that you may resume normal operations while your active system is being repaired.

Security Considerations:

All backups are encrypted and compressed at your end before being sent over the internet, using a password key you select. We cannot read your backups without your password key. We offer 3 levels of security , which will affect your method of restoral:
  • LEVEL 1 SECURITY: You receive 1 username/password combination to use for write and read access (backups and restorals).
  • LEVEL 2 SECURITY: You receive 1 password for write access (backups), and a different one for read access (restorals).
  • LEVEL 3 SECURITY: You receive 1 password for write access (backups), but must call and authenticate with a Dynamis representative to receive a temporary username/password whenever a restoral is required.
  • LEVEL 4 SECURITY: You receive 1 password for write access (backups), but any restorals will be hand delivered only on floppy or CD media, to pre-selected individuals at your place of business. The individuals will be required to present identification to receive the restorals.
You must select a level of security when you open your account, and follow the authentication rules suggested by that level of security to change your level of security after your account is active. We recommend Level 2 security for most applications. Restorals may be accomplished over the internet (still encrypted and compressed) if Level 1, 2, or 3 security is selected. Restorals are available 24/7 if Level 1 or 2 security is selected.

Security note concerning mirror configurations: because our process involves a daily restore from your Dynamis Vault  on the part of the drop-in replacement system, we can keep your mirror server updated without compromising the security of your password key. At your discretion, your mirror system may be housed at your facility instead of ours.



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