Contact Information for the Mitac-made 3300/mint

The following information was forwarded to me by a helpful owner of a 3300/mint on 5/11/99. Please let me know if Synnex or Mitac change their minds and become less helpful or something so that I can update this information ...

"Just spent half the day on the phone with Synnex Information Technologies, Inc. and Mitac USA, Inc. (which are the same company) and these are the results:

The mint 3300 is manufactured by Mitac USA. There is a model number on the back of the unit. In my case the model is 5033. This is the model number you need to refer to when talking with them on the phone. Tech support phone number is 510-252-6996 or 510-252-6961. Fax RMA request or service request to 510-252-6933. Found them to be very helpful and supportive. They immediately claimed the product. "